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Introducing Tecserv Engineering Co Ltd

Our cutting-edge projects are carried out by a group of talented engineers who want to transform and Improve our services. With everything we design and implement at Tecserv Engineering Co Ltd, we always try to make sure we work with our clients in mind. We’re based in Malta , a strategic island in the centre mediterranean and have been happily innovating since 2010. Our main line of business is the marine and container industry satisfying major companies.


Container inspection and Repairs.

Maintain Performance

Providing Container damage inspection Services on the spot and issuing repair estimates to clients. Offering transport to our facilities to clients and taking care of the whole process from the terminals gate out till return gate in,s ready for shipping. Our workshops are equipped with ISO standard repair jigs and we perform all works as per IICL Standards. All our welders and steel fabricators in this department are BV approved qualified welders. All materials and parts used for container repairs are approved and always in stock.

Ship Repairs

We are based in Malta , Centre of the mediterranean sea .Ships calling Malta territories and ports has become a must and we can supply them and assist them with all kind of repairs they may require. We assist and repair ships in container terminals without  any loss of time to its operations. We offer services outside territorial waters on offshore basis when its nessecary.

Fabrication and Construction


Large-scale engineering projects often require Computer aided preliminary studies which we can assist with our back up office equipped with technical drawing team thus offering commitment to socially-responsible engineering, we provide this service for all clients who require it. Our team of welders and fabricators take jobs with respect whether being container repairs or major engineered structures.


Container Modifications



In 2010, 4 already established engineers and technical persons have united there strongholds with a vision to form a Structural Engineering Firm that would bring innovation into our lives in a way that no other company had done before. This dream came true when Tecserv Engineering Co Ltd was established that same year. Since then, we’ve worked on many projects with the single goal of providing innovative engineering solutions Maintanance and repairs .






Head Office

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 00356-99264775/99840639 or fill out the following form

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Andre Escave Industrial Park, Immaculate Conception Street Malta Freeport Area,Birzebbugia BBG3047,Malta.

T  : 00356-21 651800

M : 00356-9984 0639

M : 00356-99264775

E  :

Technical :


To apply for a job with Tecserv Engineering co ltd please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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